Myofascial trains and relaxation procedures

Myofascial trains (chains)

  • Myofascial release therapy focuses on enhancing the mobility of contiguous soft tissues, releasing of structures, reducing of tension and improvement of soft tissue mobility for coordinal work.
  • Myofascial chain release is performed by physiotherapist by stretching the fascia. The therapist will evaluate the posture of patient and determinate the direction of stretching before every session

Relaxation procedures

We offer two different relaxation procedures for release of muscle tension, enhance movement, improve breathing and blood circulation.

Relaxation with light touch therapy

  • the physiotherapist will use slow, smooth techniques and light stretching of the muscles;
  • tender and effective massage techniques (with deep soft tissue release).

Deliberate gradual relaxation

  • We offer to test and learn several methods of relaxation (such as controlled breathing techniques, progressive muscle relaxation, visualization and other) so you can choose the best for you.


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